The Firebird

The Leyline that ran through the arteries of New Soghai’s wide, paved streets had sculpted her from birth. Left on the steps of Fire Station 305, little Roxanne was raised amongst a band of brothers dedicated to putting out fires around the city, protecting its citizens from the pain of one of mankind’s oldest and most dangerous elements. And yet, when Roxanne blew out her first birthday candle and set fire to her cake instead, the boys of the 305 realized they’d have their hands full with their uniquely gifted daughter.

Roxanne grew quickly, and learned that when her temper flared, so too did the heat. But to avoid interference from Heaven’s Seat should she cause more trouble than she was worth, she allowed herself to be enrolled in a special program to help manage the magma in her blood, and practiced all manner of calming exercises to see her temper remained cool.

From her many fathers and uncles, Roxanne learned true heroism, although that never stopped her from learning how to cheat at cards and shoot dice on occasion. And it wasn’t long before she crossed paths with Helena Grinspoon, who made an offer to lift Roxanne from wayward ignominy and put her front and center as a true superhero. At first, Roxanne believed in Helena’s noble cause, but as the battles to protect the city grew more fraught, and Helena’s measures more ruthless, Roxanne understood that it was not altruism which drove Helena, but avarice.

Roxanne ended her partnership with Helena, taking the custom suit Helena designed to go with her image. She decided she would protect New Songhai well enough on her own, without sacrificing her humanity to do so.