The Mystic

A mysterious sorcerer whose Leyline powers allow them to manipulate spiritual energies to form what we know as spells.

Few could claim to understand the nature of the Leyline’s powerful gifts, but to Tulani, whose interest in the occult carried over into their own Awakening, it was the beginning of a long corridor of study, one that would pit them against the wits and resources of Helena Grinspoon, who sought to unravel the mysteries of the Awakening for her own ends.

On one such mission, Tulani was drawn to Absalom, chasing a rumor that GSP Genetics was trafficking in Awakened individuals. It was here they crossed paths with Eidolon, chasing the same lead. A tentative truce was reached as both of them realized they sought the same goal and together busted the trafficking ring and freed several Awakened individuals, many of whom were adolescents. But the victory was not complete as the systems were scrubbed and both Tulani and Eidolon were left wondering to what end Grinspoon was seeking Awakened individuals. When the news broke, Helena denied the accusations, claiming a splinter cell of disgruntled scientists who were let go from GSPG decided to take the research into their own hands and that she would never stand for such unrepentant actions for the furtherance of scientific advancement.

But Tulani and Eidolon knew the truth, even if Tulani did not wish to believe the worst of it.