The Silent Guardian

Unlike most people who would believe it hard to make a life out of ashes, Vishrava never had any qualms reinventing herself. After all, she had been groomed since birth for the business of killing. When the Leyline gifted her with heightened senses, reflexes, and an eye for taking apart her foes, it was all any government could do to try and turn the deadly girl to their cause. But one cannot simply nurture obedience. It must be engineered, a fact her makers found out all too late when Vishrava went rogue on a mission that should have seen lives ended and instead saw them saved.  Declared anathema, Vishrava fled to the city of Absalom, where lawlessness could hide her, and where she could do the most good to cut out the cancer of lawlessness that no others suffered the same manipulative fate she had. Quiet, deadly, and loathe to take prisoners, Vishrava became one of Absalom’s darling urban legends but overtime as other people flocked to the despondent city with the aim to help she became less and less a known commodity .. Until some time later, on Goa Beach, rumor started to persist of a familiar shadow.

Goa Beach was a bustling metropolis that kept a great balance with the natural aesthetic of the island nation it was a part of.  The place was a hub for innovation and technology and while at first a bright spot for all the world, as the Awakening started to show the consequence of what would come with all the Pulse-led changes it started to darken the once beautiful cityscape .. That was, until the emergence of Vishrava.

Rumors persisted she was a native of the proud Mutani people, but nothing was ever confirmed.  As the world started to turn more of their attention to this tech-pioneering little island, it did so with the understanding that they had a dark protector in their light-leading city.

A shadow you don’t want on your tail if you’re up to no good, and a fearsome ally and protector of those just looking to survive the day to day grind.