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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Awakening?

The Awakening is a Comic and NFT project which gives our community the opportunity to own a piece of the story! With a fully original story, we give our NFT holders the power to influence the comic and help decide what will happen. Purchasing 1 NFT lets you mint 10 Comic NFTs FOR FREE!!

What is the total supply of NFTs?

The Genesis Drop supply will be no more than 9,999.

When is the drop?

There will be 2 separate drops for The Awakening. The first public sale will drop on December 5, 2021 for 0.1 Eth. Purchasing during this drop will also earn you a free Awakening Mint Pass with additional benefits.

On December 13, 2021 at 3:00 PM EST, The Awakening will switch to a fully Free mint, which will give you access to Season 1 of the Comic.

How will the drop work?

On December 5, public mint will open up exclusively on, allowing buyers to mint their own Awakening NFT for 0.1 Eth on our mint portal.

On December 13, Free mint will open up on our website, allowing minters to mint 1 NFT at a time.

How much does it cost to mint?

The Awakening NFT will cost 0.1 Eth until December 13th. This will entitle buyers to receive a Free Mint Pass, as well as their Awakening NFT.

Beginning on December 13, all mints will be Free, and only allow you access to Season 1.

What other benefits do we receive for having the Free Mint Pass after minting for 0.1 Eth?

Royalties: Each holder will receive a pro-rata share of 10% of all proceeds from all future drops, comic sales, merch sales, etc (this does not include secondary sale royalties). These royalties will no longer be granted to the Team Uniform NFT trait and are only reserved for The Awakening Mint Pass Holders.

Access: The mint pass will let you mint every release FREE until Season 5. This includes future drops, including the Villains, companion mints, and at least 50 Comic NFTs, including 10 episodes from each Season 1-5.

And More: We will be producing unique and rare comic covers, prequel stories, one-off adventures, characters, and more throughout the duration of our first 5 seasons which will be distributed depending on the heroes, sidekicks, comics, and villains in your wallet. This will allow you access to all of these covers, and special version if you meet the criteria.

When is the Reveal?

All NFTs were revealed on December 7th at 2:30 AM EST.

What benefits do I get from buying or minting The Awakening NFT?

As a part of minting the Genesis Awakening NFT, holders will receive a FREE sidekick mint, 10 FREE Comic Book NFTs, Priority for all future mints and comics, and much more! Buyers will receive that, as well as royalties, access to all 5 seasons FOR FREE, and More! Over 5 Seasons are already storyboarded so you won't want to be late to the party.

When will the Comic be released?

The First season will begin releasing on December 19th and will continue weekly until all 10 episodes of Season 1 are released.

How do I get a Comic?

Every holder of the Generation Alpha NFT will be able to mint a Comic for every NFT that they are holding. Based on luck, and your wallet holdings, some minters may receive secret or rare Comics. You will also be able to mint special 1/1 comics depending on the heroes and sidekicks in your wallet, the comics you've already collected, and your luck.

What is the Comic about?

We don’t want to spoil it, so be sure to check out our website and discord for the latest story updates